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Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust replacement and repair

For excellent quality fittings, repairs and maintenance for your car exhaust, you can trust the experts at H C Motors Ltd in Liverpool.

Exhaust replacement

Exhaust repair

Experienced mechanics

Regular check-up and maintenance

Exhaust systems are hardworking components and it’s not always realised that a faulty exhaust can reduce the fuel efficiency of your car and increase its environmental pollution. Fortunately you can contact us for a regular check-up and maintenance to make sure your exhaust is in top condition.

Spot any issues early

Exhaust pipes are regularly exposed to high temperatures and levels of humidity and require regular maintenance and inspection that enables any faults to be spotted early. Faults in your exhaust can cause the engine to malfunction and cause more expensive damage. They can also add to any environmental pollution from your car. It is recommended that your exhaust is checked at least once a year, though if your car is older it may need checking more often.

A man cleaning car exhaust with microfiber cloth, car detailing (or valeting) concept. Sel

Common warning signs to check your exhaust

There are common warning signs that your exhaust may need repairing or replacing:

  • Rust or corrosion – this will cause leaks

  • Vibrations –caused by damaged or loose components

  • Strange smells – there could be problems with components such as the catalytic converter 

  • Increased noise – caused by a damaged muffler or a leak 

  • Reduced fuel efficiency – a faulty exhaust can cause a drop in your gas mileage

  • Dashboard warning lights – can indicate your exhaust needs checking urgently

"Great garage knows what he's doing and don't over charge well recommended."

- Karl W

Save time and money with regular maintenance

If you have a diesel engine, you can improve the efficiency of your exhaust and reduce pollution by booking a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) cleaning service. By addressing any issues with your exhaust system early, you can prevent more significant and expensive issues further on. Contact us for a thorough inspection if you notice any warning signs from your exhaust. You can save time and money with regular maintenance.

a exhaust pipe of a car emitting fumes

Have you noticed any warning signs from your exhaust?

If you have any issues with your exhaust, bring your vehicle to the mechanics you can trust at H C Motors Ltd in Liverpool. In addition to exhausts, we also specialise in engine repairs and diagnostics.

Call us: 07473 163172
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