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Car Mechanic with Tablet

Engine diagnostics

Contact H C Motors Ltd in Liverpool for experienced and reliable engine diagnostic services.

Up-to-date engine diagnostics software

All makes and models of car

Efficient and cost-effective

Reliable diagnosis

Car mechanics need more than just a spanner to fix vehicles these days – modern cars are managed by on-board computers, and it’s vital to have the necessary expertise and equipment to be able to correctly diagnose the issue with your car and fix it, efficiently and cost-effectively.

On-board diagnostic (OBD) system

If you have a ‘check engine’ warning light on your dashboard, it’s unwise to ignore it. There could be a serious underlying issue with your car that will cost you more in the long run if you don’t address it quickly. The on-board diagnostic (OBD) system in your car will produce a code to highlight what the issue is, but without knowing how to interpret those codes for your make and model of car, this information will be meaningless. Our experienced team will be able to interpret these codes and correctly identify any issues with your car.

Checking the ignition and the electrical system of a modern car

The latest technology

Your car is extremely complex, and the fault code can only be read with the correct diagnostic equipment. If a warning light has popped up on your dashboard and you are struggling to figure out what’s causing the issue, contact us today and one of our experienced mechanics will be in touch to arrange an appointment. We have the latest up to date engine diagnostics software that can communicate with the control computers in your car. Get in touch today!

"Great service. Cheaper than anywhere else. Beat my last quote by 200 quid. Repairs fast. Great bunch of lads."

- Colin B

We will help get you back on the road

When your car has broken down or is not working properly, it can be extremely inconvenient or even disastrous for your work or business. Our diagnostic computer can often pinpoint exactly what is wrong with your car by communicating with its on-board diagnostic (OBD) system so we can swiftly locate the faulty part, and either fix or replace it. We will help you get your vehicle back on the road as soon as we can.

car interior - check engine (closeup)

Do you have a ‘check engine’ warning light on your dashboard?

Contact H C Motors Ltd in Liverpool – we can identify and resolve issues for all makes and models of car. We offer a range of other services too, including servicing and general repairs.

Call us: 07473 163172
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