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Vehicle Clutch, Car mechanic is changing Clutch

Clutches and brakes

Contact H C Motors Ltd in Liverpool to check your clutch and brakes.

Clutch fittings, repairs and maintenance 

Brake fittings, repairs and maintenance 

Regular check ups

Invest in regular checks

By regularly checking and maintaining the clutch and brakes on your car, you not only ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive, but you are also likely to save money in the long run by quickly spotting any small issues that could become more expensive.

A vital difference

In an emergency, a good set of brakes that are well-maintained can make a vital difference between a major accident or a fender bender and a near-miss. It is all too easy to ignore your brakes until they are less than optimal, but the sooner any issues are addressed, the cheaper they are to fix. Your front brakes do most of the work to slow and stop your vehicle, and your back brakes are supplementary, but they are both necessary for overall safety.

Car Disc Brake

A hard-working component

The clutch in your car enables the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels, which is why you need to disengage the clutch before you can change gear. The clutch is one of the hardest working components in your car, and it is likely to need replacing at some time. We can offer an inspection and a service and if needed, we can also replace your clutch for a competitive price.

"Great service. Very cheap. Done a job on my car that would cost 200 quid more anywhere else. Will definitely be using this garage again. Great lads."

- ColinR-435

Regular check-ups and maintenance

Regular check-ups and maintenance of your brakes and clutch will increase their effectiveness and ensure they are operating safely. They will also spot any issues that can be addressed quickly (and therefore more cheaply) than allowing them to become worse and more expensive to repair – if the issue is left, the part may then need replacing entirely. We provide a thorough inspection service, and we only use quality, approved parts and components.

Engineer checking brakes in car service centre

Is it time your brakes and clutch were checked?

To get a cost-effective and timely service, contact H C Motors Ltd in Liverpool. We also do exhaust replacements and engine repairs.

Call us: 07473 163172
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